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4 min readAug 5, 2021

Alleviating the plight of Non Covid Patients in the Pandemic

Covid-19 is not just scary for those who got infected, but also life-threatening for critically ill non-Covid patients and poor healthcare system has worsened the situation of critically ill non-Covid patients. Today, the entire system is focusing on managing the supplies, beds and oxygen for Covid patients. But are we even considering the scenario of our non-Covid patients who need regular check-ups and follow-ups regular check-ups and follow-ups at the hospitals?

Many critical and planned surgeries are getting postponed, and the medical system is entirely focusing on the Covid pandemic. But we need to take care of the non-Covid ill patients as well.

At such a time, Vrozart Health, the healthcare initiative from the Vrozart Group has been working to address the needs of non-covid patients. From helping them find the best treatment option at the best price, to assisting the patients and their families throughout the treatment and post-operative care, the company has focused on serving the needs of the non-covid patients.

During the lockdown, Vrozart Health catered to 72 critical and semi critical cases in India. We also managed to arrange visas and other medical assistance for over 100 non covid international patients to get treated in India. Other services included transportation for patients in India to travel for their treatment along with ensuring that they are tended to on priority and in a covid safe environment. Additional assistance like pathology support and arranging medicines was also provided to hundreds of non-covid patients.

About 33 per cent of the Indian population above 30 years is suffering from one or more lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiac problems, blood pressure, thyroid and cancer. In 2020 alone, India has seen 1.32 million (1324413) new cancer cases which is like three patients per minute. India is the second-largest country in diabetes, and we have 77 million people with diabetes (IDF Diabetes Atlas). Diabetes can lead to heart diseases, kidney diseases, eye problems and liver ailments. If we add up all chronic patients like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac ailments, arthritis, COPD, the number is huge for chronic conditions. And if we add 104 million senior citizens (Population Census 2011), the number could swell .

“We started this company with a clear focus to help patients with critical ailments and ensure that they experience a smooth treatment journey. Now more than ever, our services are required by patients who need treatment but are afraid to step out. At Vrozart Health, our mission is to make healthcare simple, easy, and personalized for patients. We are the pioneers to bring Medical Convenience for the benefit of patients, both international and domestic, who need medical treatment in India.” commented Neeraj Dhawan, Co-Founder & Business Head, Vrozart Health.

Avnish Kumar, Co-Founder & Head of Operations, adds,“In the current scenario, we have seen a tremendous upsurge from non covid patients signing up for our services that need an immediate or regular medical treatment but are unable to get the required medical support. Our teams have been working tirelessly to help such patients access the required medical facilities and get the desired treatment for their non covid diseases. We are focused upon providing such patients with the immediate treatment through our ever growing network of world class medical facilities and panel of medical specialists across India.”

About Vrozart Health

Vrozart Health Pvt Ltd is India’s pioneering medical convenience brand & a trusted name in healthcare, empowering patients to have a better life by facilitating their medical treatment with personalized end-to-end healthcare options & customized assistance.

Its Mission is to make healthcare simple, easy, and personalized for patients and envisions to provide its services to over 10,000 patients by 2025.

The Company is headed by a highly experienced team of professionals including the Co-Founder & Business Head, Neeraj Dhawan with 17+ years of entrepreneurship, sales, business development and technology leadership experience across multiple industries & verticals and Avnish Kumar, Co-Founder & Head of Operations, who brings in a decade of healthcare, technology, operations, and team management experience.

The Team is backed by a Board comprising of serial entrepreneurs and investors from technology, investment, and healthcare sectors.

Vrozart Health is backed by the Vrozart Group with interests in multiple consumer centric businesses like healthcare, financial services, agriculture, digital technologies, media & entertainment.

More information can be obtained at www.vrozarthealth.com

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1. Aakriti Sawhney, Senior Manager — Marketing Communications, Ph: 9818333845, E: aakriti@vrozart.com

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Vrozart Health

Vrozart Health is India’s pioneering medical convenience brand & a trusted name in healthcare, empowering patients to have a better life.